How We Can Help

Emma’s Footprints is a community of parents, family members, and friends who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss, and we are here for you and your loved ones.

Each of us at Emma’s Footprints has healed from our loss better and faster because of support we received from someone who has “been there”. A friend. A caregiver. A guide. We’d be honored to provide that same compassionate care to you.

Sponsor a Care Package

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Sending an Emma’s Care Package is a thoughtful way to let a friend know that you are thinking of them.  Each care package comes with a journal, a New Testament Bible, and a beautiful necklace with the baby’s first initial, all tied together in a beautiful white linen pouch. The cost is $50 and we will assemble the package, personalize the note and mail it for you.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services that differ depending on the particular needs of the family.

  • Financial assistance for burial and cremation
  • Referrals and financial assistance for grief counselors in your area
  • Planning and financial assistance for memorialization
  • One-on-one emotional support from a parent who has been there
  • Extending the time your family has with your baby in the hospital using the Flexmort Cuddle Cot donated by Emma’s Footprints
  • A care package complete with a journal, a New Testament Bible, and a beautiful necklace with the baby’s first initial
  • Monthly support group for parents
  • Help answering questions such as “Why me?” and “How can I go on?”


The emotional and financial support Emma's provides is remarkable.  The burden lifted from these anguished families is immeasurable.

Timothy J. Mikotowicz, BS, CAC, Case Manager, Magee Women's Hospital - UPMC Hamot


Emma’s Footprints reached out to us after the loss of our second son. We immediately felt connected to Emma’s founder, Tracy Dailey. Tracy was compassionate, understanding, and sympathetic of our loss. Emma’s Footprints graciously gave us a donation to help defer a part of the cost of our son’s funeral. We are so thankful for their aid, as we had nothing saved for a tragedy of this stature. Coming up on our son’s one year anniversary, Tracy and Emma’s Footprints remain a part of our lives. They regularly check in with us and offer us spiritual guidance on this never-ending journey of grief. Having walked through the most difficult curveball life can throw; Tracy Dailey and Emma’s Footprints by far made that walk a little less devastating.

- Heather Cherry

Emma's Footprints is an amazing non-profit that helped my family during the most difficult time of our lives, the passing of my daughter, Brylie. They paid for her funeral expenses and cremation. Their support has continued to lift us up through the past year. Tracy, Bryan and the Emma’s Footprints members have become not only a support system but a family to us.

- Love Mollie, Brian (mom and dad) & Braeden, Kyra-Ann,and Hayley

We lost our triplets due to a horrible infection back in March 2014 that caused me to go into labor around 20 and 21 weeks. It was the worst feeling you could possibly imagine. Emma's helped my husband and I by making a simple phone call and opening the door for communication. They showed love and support when we needed it most. Emma's showed Bret and I how to lean on God in these horrible times of need. They showed Bret and I that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and even though it's storming now it won't storm forever. Emma's lent a helping hand and warming hearts to help us face the most horrible time in our life. They allowed us to be able to have a beautiful ceremony to honor our children’s lives, and if it wasn't for Emma's I don't know where we would be today. Through Emma's Footprints, we were introduced us to other couples who have also gone through such a tragic loss. During such a horrible time in our lives it was comforting to know that we were not alone and that there were others there that understood what we were going through. Emma's Footprints is not only a fantastic organization but they have also become amazing friends.

-Theresa and Bret Dorman